Young Wisdom: Introduction – Yes I can be young and wise!



Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, 16 making the best use of the time – Ephesians 5:15

Wisdom is a word thrown about a lot today. When we say wisdom we see elderly chinese man with a seamless chin beard. They (not sure who i mean by they, but the general population) say wisdom comes with age. Today i feel like we need to break that false dogma. Firstly what is wisdom? If it’s experience, then sure older people are wiser because well they’ve had more time. I argue against that definition: wisdom is not experience, wisdom comes with experience, but not all experiences. Have you ever left an experience feeling dumber? A terrible movie, a ridiculous presentation? Wisdom comes with experience, but more than that, it comes from what you’ve learnt from the experience and how you apply what you’ve learnt to progress your life. Wisdom is a combination of experience, learning, action and change.

The bible calls it “sanctification” as we endeavour to become wiser and better daily, imitating Jesus.

I went to check out a property for our fifth clinic recently. The leasing agent was extremely polite on the phone but upon meeting me changed her opinion. I was “too young”, she would ask regularly if we were serious about the property. In response i had two of our board members give her a call just to inject some ” age and wisdom” into the situation, and suddenly we must have been “serious”.

Why is this? Why does age determine ability? At our company it is not age that determines wisdom (mainly because i’m 24). It is attitude.

Zig Zagler said:

“Your attitude, not your aptitude determines your altitude”

In the book of Ephesians the great leader Paul explains that wisdom begins with making the best use of time. How do we do that?

Today i’ll start a series focused on wisdom, in an attempt to break the dogma that wisdom is based on age. I’ll make the argument that wisdom CAN come with age, but wisdom and age are not always necessarily correlated. In an attempt to facilitate a change in stereotype but also a provide some insight based on the great Church leader Paul on how wisdom is actually shaped and formed, and thus hopefully facilitating some younger people to build their wisdom.

The series will have four relfections:

  1. Wisdom starts with relation to Deity
  2. Wisdom requires Discipline
  3. Wisdom requires Encouragement/ Generousity
  4. Wisdom is all about Perspective


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  3. eman

    thats very true and I would also like to know the sources of wisdom and what personality should i posses to become wise

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